Stick your fingers in your ears. Seriously—way down in there. Now listen. This is the world Kurt Daradics was born into. A world that’s all ear-drums and no ear canals. His eardrums work, but the canals are blocked. Medically, it’s called congenital atresia. It means the players are playing, and the little red record light is on, but bad cables are keeping the needles on the brain’s mixing board from bouncing.  The lengths Kurt’s gone to get the signal down to his eardrums-—a hole in his head, and a space age hi-(sci)-fi hearing aid—-are proof of what Kurt’s willing to do to get the signal in.  Kurt can hear now because he is conductor, and his life shows what’s possible when we marshal our resources, muster our courage to go after what fires us up, and are able to start listening.

With his unique ears he’s fired up about reorchestrating, mashing-mashing up, and remixing business as usual, starting with his own fears. His answer to his own fear of public speaking, stand up comedy; his answer to the fear of facing the world, broken and beautiful as it is, a sober heart and mind; his fear of having an insignificant life, answered by ditching his lucrative-but-vacant career and throwing his dice at something more inspiring and worth while. With good ears and his face to the winds of his own primal anxieties the world’s gotten a whole heck of a lot more exciting and damn noisy. Kurt’s genius is his ability to find and orchestrate harmonies from the chaos of Life. Have him speak to your group to hear what that Life sounds like, but you’ll probably wanna take your fingers out of your ears first.

We'll be working together for a long time...

- Jack Dangermond

Kurt is a "connector" -- someone who makes things happens, and knows everyone, and does his best to make the world a better place. He's an asset to any company, group, or effort...”

- Ben Kuo, Founder,

The emerging future will bring forth a new collective spirit. Community, relationships and bold dynamic thinking will dominate the landscape. It will be as some have suggested a period in which 'the collaboration nation' moves our culture. That said the role of the catalyst, or in this case the social catalyst will be increasingly more popular and profound. In a relatively short time Kurt has created a new platform with a new sense of purpose that seeks to optimize the possibility for the collaboration nation. The world needs new thinking, new leaders and catalysts for moving forward. Kurt offers just that.

- Duke Stump, Former CMO Seventh Generation

Lasting partnerships are founded on open and active communication. Kurt makes partnerships happen through his ability to bring people together and maintain an open channel of communication. His work at CitySourced has been instrumental in linking government processes and citizens together through exploring ways to work from the inside out.

- Myles Sutherland, Partner Development Manager Mobile and Wireless Markets, ESRI

Kurt is extraordinary, both in terms of the special abilities he brings to the table as an individual and the large and very engaged network he brings with him. He's smart, he's connected, and he's a delight to work with. I love this guy and highly recommend him.”

- Jolie O'Dell, Journalist, Venture Beat


Q. What drives you?
A. My mission is to change the world through courage. Overcoming obstacles has transformed my life, and this transformation take courage. Courage to face fears and be honest. Imagine a world that is brave and inspired, and has the courage to get after it.

Q. Who has inspired you?
A. Great question. My family for sure (amazing story of recovery and redemption), Bucky Fuller, MLK Jr., Ray Charles, Jack Dangermond, Duke Stump. I could go on and on...

Q. What is on your play list?
A. KCRW, Brian Eno, Magnet, Vancouver Left, The Clash, George Gershwin, The English Beat. Lately lots of jazz and blues classics. too. Oh yeah, and Bob Dylan.

Q. Favorite films?
A. Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Amelie, Rushmore, Napoleon Dynamite, and anything by Ken Burns.

Q. Favorite books?
A. Les Miserable, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Bible, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Four Hour Workweek, The World is Flat, What Technology Wants, Crossing the Chasm, Les Miserable, Sorrows of Young Werther, Siddhartha, Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Now, to name a few. I'm a big reader.

Q. What do you do for fun?
A. Play guitar (electric, pedal steel, & dobro), hang out with family and friends, surf, and travel a ton.

Q. How did you overcome the obstacles you faced?
A. Time, encouragement (family, friends, & mentors), counseling, prayer/meditation, I learned how to breathe (literally), a transformational perspective, healthy diet, exercise & mediation.



CitySourced is a Real Time Civic Engagement Platform. Co-Founder, Established 2009.

Vancouver Left

Vancouver Left was conceived in an LA hot tub on Kurt Daradics' 21st birthday. Electric Guitars and Co-Founder, Established 2010.

Digital Family Reunion

Digital Family Reunion is the best tech event in Los Angeles. Co-Producer, Established 2008.