Just Shipped 2011

Posted by Kurt Daradics on December 29, 2011

Somehow I got the idea in my head that it would be a good habit to generate a brief 'end of year' chronicle what I shipped for the year, and use it as the basis for reflection and celebration. 2011 was a BIG year for me. In context of how difficult these times are for most, I am grateful and this post is an exercise is counting my blessings on personal and professional fronts.

My business partner and I launched CitySourced Sept 2009, so we’ve been at it for just over two years now. In December we announced we closed $1.33 million series A investment round, which has helped us scale the team to over 15 people, up from just Jason and I when we started. We’ve launched some high profile clients this year including Honolulu, San Diego, Abu Dhabi and dozens more worldwide. We’re now in live in 5 countries and have dozens of major partnerships including IBM, Microsoft, & Esri.

Public Speaking. I stepped up my public speaking profile this year, and this video< from the Esri partner conference is a great example. All the work I’ve been doing with Toastmasters, stand up comedy and so on are paying off. Putting myself into more public speaking opportunities was a big priority for me, and the rewards including generating lots of visibility and new business for the company, plus increased confidence in delivering in high stakes situations.

Vancouver Left. On the artistic front, the band I started with my friend Tim Rhodes, Vancouver Left, released a 7 song EP. We had been working on it for a few years, and considering how busy we both are, it’s a minor miracle that we finished it.  You can download it for free. I play electric guitar in this project.  One of the highlights on this project was the caliber of talent that contributed. We were fortunate enough to have Aaaron Embry play keys, Josh Moreau on bass, and Dwayne Larring lent a hand on guitars. What do you think?

Travel. I was able to travel a whole bunch too, and spend time in San Diego, Palm Springs, Mammoth, Mexico, New Mexico, Arizona, Wisconsin, Colorado, Minnesota, & Texas.  Mexico was the highlight hands down. I was with my pal Kris Krug and some of his friends staying in this cozy brick bungaloo right on the water overlooking a groovy little rock reef surf break. We surfed, played music, ate amazing food, laughed, talked story, and gazed under the stars for four nights. I had a major music breakthrough that led to me diving into jazz guitar study for the remainder of the year. We’re planning another trip July 2012 for a week this time.  The other travel highlight was fishing in the Owens River and Crater Lake with my Dad this Summer. We caught some tasty trout and saw some amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Exercise & Diet. I had a good run with exercise and diet this year. I did over do it though and hurt my knee doing heavy squats. I’ve been on a regime of rest and physical therapy in what’s feeling like a much too long road to recovery. The lesson here is how important it is to maintain form. Shortcuts only slow me down in the long run.

Meditation. Saving the best for last, 2011 also got me into a very consistent meditation practice that gave me the energy and focus to generate these results. Here is a free sample of a 30 min guided meditation that I practice with. The goal of this practice for me is presence / mindfulness and dissolving fear and anxiety.

2012 will be more speaking, music, and business exploits. Who knows maybe some lovely lady will finally get me to slow down.  Only God knows what’s next, and I’m having a blast following my bliss.