How the “Nightmare on Wall Street’ can give us a bright new future~

Posted by Kurt Daradics on September 24, 2008
Hello my friends~

Wow, i had an amazing evening last night that I wanted to share with you.

So, at about 10:15 PM last night (Sept 23, 2008) a bone chilling dark fear crept over me like a shiver, relating to whats going on with the financial markets.

It seems that most folks really have no clue how where staring down the barrel of complete social breakdown. Having been in the financial services biz and studied derivatives and fractional banking, our financial banking system is literally just a house of cards and the wind is blowing pretty hard right now, and one more gust, and well...

So I there I am just spooked, and I was literally moved to my knees, and started praying a heart wrenching prayer for everyones sake. Remarkably after about 20 minutes of this heart wrenching petioning and agony, I felt a wave of peace come over me, and then was inspired to go outside.

It was such a nice night, the stars were bright and the moon was too, so i slept in my backyard under the stars. And as I was looking up at night sky, I was amazed at how much there is out there in the realm of what we dont know, we dont know'.

As I allowed myself to just be present in these moments, with this calm and peace that was on me, I became aware of the possibility that the worse things get with the markets, that it will be THAT much easier for us all to let go of the shiny distractions (namely consumer materialism) that we all seemed to buy into (thanks in part to Madison Ave. & Wall St.), and embrace what really matters in this life: family, friends, community, and authentic well being (spiritual, emotional, physical).

It also occurred to me that who we are NOW has SO much to do with how we perceive our FUTURE will be, and not our PAST.

So having said that, I wanted to share this vision of a BRIGHT future for humankind.

A future where we all co-create together to inspire creativity, innovation, sustainability, and relatedness~

At my birthday party last weekend I was asked to give a speech, so I took the opportunity and led everyone in an amazing exercise where we all took a breath at the same time, literally we breathed as one, and as we exhaled, it was in the name of unconditional love. So it is in this spirit that I share this story.

I invite you to take the next step and share this message, perhaps in your own words even, with the aim to encourage everyone that hears this message to create a bright new possibility for our collective futures.

May this be the first of many steps we can all take together.

And so as iron sharpens iron, we is the new me.

Come on!

Your friend,

Kurty D