Full Moon Fever

Posted by Kurt Daradics on March 28, 2010

I've found i have more energy and creativity when the moon is bright. Sounds a little bit crazy I realize, but it makes sense when you think that 60%+ of our body is made of water.

So, I'm starting to plan to let some of my creativity run loose around full moons. Things like recording with my band, playing music with my friends, live stand up comedy sets, midnight surf sessions at Leo Carrillo in Malibu...you get the picture.

I've been having good success "time blocking" and batching activities into buckets, so I just marked my calendar for the rest of the year with "Full Moon" from about 8p - 12a a few days before and after the Full Moon. This gives me about a week out of the month to bucket some of these sorts of activities. I'm anticipating some good results from this life hack.

Here is Full Moon Calendar that I used http://fullmooncalendar.net/

Would love to learn about any life hacks that you practice, and also if you get any benefit from this Full Moon Fever strategy.