Mad World

Posted by Kurt Daradics on July 25, 2009
In 1997 I went to Guiena, West Africa for three months to help build some housing for some folks. What I saw there changed me forever. To this day I marvel being able to open a stocked fridge for example (we have it soo good here in America and safe to say most folks have no clue).

I'm creating a possibility for a world in which everyone in my lifetime is given the opportunity to learn to read, draw, & have basic needs met. Thinking about what systemic shifts need to happen to make that possibility a reality. I'm 33, so that gives me 50 years plus or minus. If you get any bright ideas how to help I'm all ears.

Oh by the way, this tune "Mad World' performed by Gary Jules is awesome. I heard he's one of the original co-founders of the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood with Pete Yorn. Is that true?? Check out the video below. Are you part of THE REAL 100?