Posted by Kurt Daradics on February 05, 2009
So I logged into my LinkedIn account today and this message was waiting for me:

Hi Kurt,

I found your contact through Andrew Warner's LinkedIn page. I am currently finishing my MBA program at Pepperdine U with a focus on technology and interactive marketing.

After reading through your site I noticed how intimately you are involved with connecting the LA tech community together.

I would be most grateful to meet with you for a coffee/tea and hear your input about the industry and as well as any guidance you may have for someone interested in entering in this field.

I know you must be very busy and I greatly appreciate your time.






I replied back with a nice 'thank you for reaching out' and invited Daniel to ring me up sometime. I'm interested to see what sort serendipity will unfold with Daniel. Even just encouraging him to go the extra mile with his studies and ask some questions that might help shape him would be satisfying.

I'm realizing more and more that if you help enough folks get what they want, then you get what you want. Collaboration is SO the path to progress.

Thanks Daniel for encouraging ME. Thanks to Andrew Warner at for all the love and support too~


Here to help,

Kurty D