Recommendations For Kurt—> Social Catalyst @ Digital Family

Posted by Kurt Daradics on December 25, 2008
Here is a recent recomendation for Kurt Daradics from Duke Stump.

Duke Stump, Principal / Chief Architect, The Northstar Manifesto

was with another company when working with Kurt at Digital Family Reunion

The emerging future will bring forth a new collective spirit. Community, relationships and bold dynamic thinking will dominate the landscape. It will be as some have suggested a period in which 'the collaboration nation' moves our culture. That said the role of the catalyst, or in this case the social catalyst will be increasingly more popular and profound. In a relatively short time Kurt and the posse @ DFR have created a new platform with a new sense of purpose that seeks to optimize the possibility for the collaboration nation. The world needs new thinking, new leaders and catalysts for moving forward. Fortunately for us, Kurt and the DFR team offer just that. Good luck with the DFR bonfire! December 8, 2008

Duke has quite a track record as former CMO at Seventh Generation, and prior to that VP of Marketing at Nike (15+ years). To learn about what Duke Stump is up to now go to

"At the center of your being you have the answer. You know who you are and you know what you want"

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