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Posted by Kurt Daradics on February 16, 2009
From my pal Christian Gray

Hello Friends and Associates,

Together with a few friends I've put together a list of really valuable web sites, applications and services. We were not able to rank order them (too many opinions and not enough time). But you can count on the fact that we really believe that the following could make your 2009 personally much easier, or have a positive impact on your business. I didnt sort by alphabetical order; there are some real nuggets at the bottom of the list Take your time and check these out over the next few months. Feel free to share the list with others.

This list was collaboration of: Christian Gray, Joe Andrieu, Tony Winders, Mike Reid, Michael Lodge, William Hayes, Richard Weddle, Scott Lemon, Phil Windley and Ian Palmer.

You can also find this list posted at:

TOP 10 as selected by the contributors (once again, in no particular order)

1. microloans, loans that change lives (cgray has personally contributed)

2. - professional social networking (free and premium) - best way to leverage your professional network

3. virtual assistant, we first read about them in the book The World Is Flat

4. start your own social network/project group today, very easy for non-techs

5. + - stay on top of info in an automated fashion

6. - automatic links, associated photos, related articles and tags for your blog

7. - Online apps for business. Free for individuals. Small fees for business.

8. if you dont know about microblogging yet, it is time to find out here is a quick read on the potential business value of using this tool

9. makes twitter easier to manage/use

10. get you quoted in news stories and position you as the expert

ALL THE OTHERS live video/audio streaming from your cell phone hosted customer service solution over 7,500 full text books and 1,500 hours of instructional video (FYI cgray has an interest) - desktop search (free and premium) - sales force automation /CRM (premium) - personal contact manager, automated upates, super de-duper and social graph feeds (free and premium) - premium business information service open source social network platform - twitter enhanced user interface (free application) - help schedule meetings in 4 time zones (free) - build your own community/social network (free/premium) - unified web based messaging and VOIP - voice over internet ($25 unlimited US domestic calls and rich features) - makes long URLs short - all the good short cuts for life - Still the best starting point for Search - Multi-network IM client (AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ, IRC, Jabber...) - super easy, cost effective online meetings - RSS reader for staying on top of blogs - simple, easy online fax service (incoming fax to email and vice-versa) - easy remote access to your desktop machine - social networking surprisingly useful way to stay in touch with friends - easy distributed filesharing, workspacing - quality, low cost royalty-free images for anything (great for blogging and presentations) - project management - top news - goal tracking - virt help - best customer service - best presentations - physical workout recovery technology - search for all N on twitter - video creation - web 2.0 business plan/execution tool - web 2.0 project management - twitter "who to follow" recommendations - video hosting - sharing app for embedding within web UIs - Pelotonics is a better Basecamp than Basecamp! - independent music site - multi-protocol IM client - hosted Agile project management - cross-platform and hosted file synchronization - on-line backup - and the invisible web (500 times the content on the web) to find citations to expensive, often peer reviewed, powerful content + - Google Alerts + Google Reader combination for automatic competitive intelligence gathering collaboration collaboration collaboration blogging social networking for greater good social networking for greater good photo sharing and social networking user created content enhancing mainstream news human powered search - Online Advertising - Online Advertising (fyi twinders has an interest) - Online Advertising (fyi twinders has an interest) mobility advertising mobility advertising if you really want to find out what is happening in IT (fyi pwindley has an interest) paperless mail sent online from street address to street address, no this isnt email PR/News creates an RSS ticker that pulls random items from your feeds and scrolls them on your deskstop enterprise twitter with some collaboration hooks as well desktop manager for twitter software to manage IT infrastructure (if you dont know what that means, you dont need it) stroe, sync and share your files online automatic links, associated photos, related articles and tags for your blog automatic agent that will identifies opportunities to reach out grow relationships - live video/audio streaming from your cell phone - hosted customer service solution - microloans - loans that change lives - Create 3 Twitter searches (e.g. your business, your CEO and your new product), this creates a feed. - Online presentation creation. Share anywhere. Better than Powerpoint (what isn't). - Snatches the rss from your blog and posts to twitter automatically. - Compare your website's popularity to others - New twist on blogging, just email them and they post it Really quick screenshot tutorials ScreenFlow - amazing screencast software Best internet music site NetNewsWire and Newsgator Enterprise Server ranks users and trends based on followers easiest way to send invoices online

Have a fantastic New Year!

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