Story Crawler

Posted by Kurt Daradics on July 23, 2009
My pal Denny Dansereau gave me beta access to his new "Story Crawler" web app and I'm stoked, and for a few reasons. Selfishly, the tool rocks, it takes the friction out of finding the melody in a sea of stories, it's a research/collaborators dream. Think Google Alerts on steroids with ability to push out and publish or syndicate. This description doesn't even do justice...there are a laundry list of features and performance benefits that he's asked me to keep hush because it's that cool.

The other reason I'm excited is that I'm inspired by his story. Denny had a vision for it a few years ago, pumped a ton of energy and resources into it, and it's finally coming together. Plus the market has moved in his favor and he's in a great position to crush it.

One of the benefits of networking for me has been connecting with so much talent, and the icing on the cake is being able to beta some of these bleeding edge products before they hit the market, giving me a competitive advantage.

Now that I think of it, seems more and more of the web apps and products I use for my respective endeavors are friends, or I've become friends with them by using their product.

For example:

Brightkite (Made pals with co-founder Brady at sxsw and they ended up sponsoring Roadtwip 2009 even! These guys are Techstars alum btw.)

Cogi (Mark hooked it up for me, and this app is blowing my mind right now! auto transcriptions on cell phone calls)

Eventvue (We use them for MOTM and Digital Family events. It's a great event based social network, and they have a new app called "Discover" I'm excited to use. Essential for an event promoter. Also props to Tyler Crowley for referring us to them, and now I'm pals with Josh Fraser, Co-Founder. These guys are Techstars too.)

Sure to Meet (we use them for MOTM, love their invite system, and Cliff Allen is the man)

FreedomSpeaks (we'll that's a gimme, I'm a co-founder)

Mahalo (Mark Jeffrey and the gang are super cool and I dig that they made a custom page for me, ha!)

The list goes on, so I won't to brag more than I already have. I guess the moral of the story is that a) it's an such exciting time to be doing business with the velocity of innovation and the flattening of the playing field and 2) I love the folks I'm meeting and working with, not only because they hook me up, but more importantly they're making important and valuable products that help me to be more productive. Hats off!

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