SXSW 2013 Highlights: Kurt Daradics & Stephen Wolfram

Posted by Kurt Daradics on March 20, 2013

Everyday fun in Austin, bumping into one of my favorite minds of our time, Stephen Wolfram.

Stephen's SXSW keynote was remarkable. You can read it here in 10 mins. His vision for the future (Principal of Computational Equivalence) is pretty wild. His ability to articulate his vision, and his body of work is undoubtably impressive.

Stephen announced a new programing language called "Wolfram" (.wolf extension), which he's proclaiming as the convergence of the past 30 years of his work.  The magic of Wolfram Language is that it bakes in the unprecedented set of algorithms from Mathmatica, modularizes is, and delivers via Cloud and mobile, making it a serious tool set for academia and enterprise, but simple enough for school kids to use.